Friday, May 8, 2009

Vive La France, First in a Series

Today was a holdiay. It was VE Day, the day the Germans surrendered.

We never celebrated this holiday in Berlin.

At around 10, I heard solemn military band music coming from around the corner on the Comédie. There were speeches. I wanted to go out and see what it looked like, but I was busy working, so I couldn't. There were more speeches and more band music.

Montpellier, after all, was a hotbed of the Resistance, or so they say, although I do understand it's always been a rather left-leaning city. We even have a famous hero of the Resistance, Jean Moulin, whose presence is noted by several memorials around town. No doubt his name was evoked. It was lost in echoes. Amplification's like that. Finally, the band music and the speeches stopped. When I went out after I finished working, around 1, the square looked like it always does.

At 2pm, the large sandpit that's been sitting there for a week finally opened. The Beach Masters were underway. When I came back from the store around 6:30, there were women in bikinis bashing balls around. This will continue for a week, as France and Brazil battle it out. Solemn rites and beach volleyball, all in a single day. I must be in France.

(photo by Marie)


  1. I took a few photos of the girls in bikinis today. I can send you some and you can add them to your post (if you have not taken any):-))

    At 6 PM today there will be a free concert (I don't remember who will play) on La Place du Marché aux Fleurs (Préfecture).

    Today was also La Journée de l'Europe. The "European Election" will take place on June 7th. Very few people were interested in the exhibitions near the Corum. Partly due to the beach volley, but also because people don't care at all about the EU.That is sad.

  2. We never celebrated this holiday in Berlin. But you could've, if you wanted to. Tag der Befreiung, or Tag des Sieges, depending on how anti-fascist (or anti-Stalinist, maybe) you want to be.

    Accordeon music and old, large, Russian women with as many medals as Brezhnev, in Treptower Park. I almost went, this year, but instead I got myself taken to Hoppegarten.

  3. You're better off, D.Z., trust me.

  4. Yeah I thought that using La Com for war commemorations and beach volleyball all in one day was a nice juxtaposition...


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