Thursday, August 6, 2009

White Rat

So what else would any sane person do with a bunch of white eggplants except make ratatouille and call it White Rat?

Anyway, I was curious how these odd looking vegetables would cook. I mean, they just look freakish:

They look pretty weird diced up, too:

But once roasted, they lost their ivory tone, as I suspected they would:

I roasted them at a lower temperature (around 180C) and for less time (around 30 minutes) than I did last time, and they came out perfect.

Here's the rest of the stuff ready to get fried and boiled, although that tomato on the left was just too funky, so while stuff was cooking I headed up the hill to the Halles and got a few beefheart tomatoes, since I also didn't think I had enough.

And here it is cooking...

And the final product:

Which is okay, but needs acid of some sort, and I'm also thinking maybe just a tad more herbal life, so I'm thinking of stirring in some of that small-leaf Provençal basil I got just before I serve it, as well as some parsley. For the acid, for the first batch, I'm going to use the local wine vinegar, but I'm also thinking that the second time around (because this makes two big dinners) I'm going to add some home-pickled capers some people at the market sell.

Conclusion: visually, the white eggplant doesn't show up here. It'd be more visually compelling with the normal dark-purple kind. But then I couldn't call it White Rat!


  1. You should start posting recipes once you've perfected them!

  2. Yeah, and this one has a ways to go. I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't have a rat recipe I liked until next summer. But I forge on!


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