Sunday, March 7, 2010

Going Dark

But not forever. Things have been difficult since Vinisud, the usual waiting-to-get-paid stuff that freelance writers go through, and as of Wednesday I'm off to Texas and, I hope, New York, for the rest of the month of March. Since I've decided that this blog is exclusively about France, I won't be posting anything until I return. Of course, at that point, the market, which has been astonishingly dull of late, should have started getting in the spring's first fresh fruits and vegetables, and, if the new drug regimen I started yesterday works, my sense of smell and taste may have recovered some.

Still, I should leave you with something I shamelessly ripped off my friend Ben's blog.

There you are: a nice waste of time for everyone!

See you in April.


  1. Sorry I'm not going to see you in Austin, Ed...have a great trip. - Tim

  2. When you get your nose back I'd like to send you a magnificent pin-on black moustache to celebrate. In fact we could all wear one.

  3. Hey Ed. Just to let you know, it's 'safe' to come back now. Winter seems to have petered out finally!



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