Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Announcement

I've been waiting until the publisher said it was okay -- and then I went off to Boston without the only device that had this beautiful cover on it, so I had to wait til today.

But in "Fall" 2016, a rather indeterminate term used by the publishing business, Flatiron Press, a division of Macmillan based in, yes, New York's Flatiron Building, will bring forth this book:

To deal with the FAQs that have already been asked on Facebook in the couple of hours since I put it up there:

* No, I don't know exactly when copies will become available.
* Yes, you can preorder it on Amazon, although to be honest I'd rather you buy one at your friendly local independent bookstore.
* I'll probably be able to order some copies from the publisher for those wanting to have an autographed copy, and I wouldn't be surprised if I did a few readings where you can buy and get signed a copy of the book. I'm fairly sure Book People in Austin (maybe in cooperation with Waterloo Records, across the street) will have something, and I'm hoping for a few other dates, but it's waaaay too early to tell.
* Stay tuned here and to other social media for further details and announcements.

I'll be blogging this past week, which has been great fun, over the weekend, since I believe I may be snowed in.


  1. Congratulations on the new book. And thank you for the nice Brooklyn Heights tour in your last post. We lived there for many years (our first nice apartment in NY at 149 Clinton Street and two other wonderful places on Willow Street and Livingston Street)and we love it there. Whenever we can, we return to buy the excellent Syrian meat and spinach pies at Damascus Bakery on Atlantic Avenue. Hope the snow isn't treating you too badly. We're totally snowed in in the Philly suburbs. Curtis Roberts

  2. Looking forward to dipping into this one!


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