Thursday, March 31, 2011

Temporarily Andy

This is what happened in New York yesterday afternoon.

A silver guy, looking impassively over the heads of dozens of people mostly talking to each other, but taking the odd photograph.

Andy Warhol, standing in front of the Union Square building where he had his first Factory, staring impassively at the park. In his hand, a Medium Brown Bag from Macy's, which he favored.

An interesting crowd. An older woman walking around kind of randomly telling people it was a sculpture of a "great American artist," a fact which seemed to be news to some of the gawkers. Several people I felt I should recognize. One, I think, was Glenn O'Brien, whom I never knew, but who, apparently, is in Italian Vogue this month. Or so said the guy talking to him. I didn't see any superstars. Rob Pruitt, the sculptor, was apparently there, but I didn't see him, either.

As you can see, it's the Andy Monument. It'll be there until October 2. After that, it won't be. Nobody I asked seemed to know why.

As for Andy, he seemed totally bored. Just like having him around, I guess.


  1. I'm in NY for a quick week at BookExpo in May, and I'm determined to museum hop as I'll be without the kids for once. I'll add this as "moveable art" and to give me an excuse to wander around outside:-).

  2. I enjoyed this, as I have all your pieces. Two small corrections, however: 1. The Union Square Factory was the second Factory. The first was at 231 E. 47th Street; 2. The shopping bag replicated in the sculpture was from Bloomingdale's, not Macy's. I have no idea what to make of the sculpture, except to say that on first impression it seems trivial, coy and unworthy of the great man. But Manhattan has become much diminished in the 21st century. Curtis Roberts


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