Friday, March 11, 2011

Photographic Miettes #1

Things are going to get a lot more intense tomorrow when SXSW gears up, and I don't really have a lot to say about my trip to Philadelphia, because it was mostly about catching up on my sleep and getting to know my nephew, whom I hadn't seen since he was about 6, ie, about 15 years.

My sister lives in a neighborhood of classic old Philadelphia row houses that looks like this (although I don't think this is her block):

This was something of a working visit, though: I recorded four pieces for Fresh Air at the WHYY studios:

The studios are just behind those glass windows on the ground floor. I got to use the studio just after Terry Gross had finished that day's show, but she hustled out the door as soon as I produced my camera and my producer, Phyllis Myers, took a couple of shots, since we don't have a current promo shot of me. Don't I look professional?

After that, following a longstanding tradition, she took me to lunch in the Reading Terminal, a converted train station that's a market hall with a lot of little eateries inside. We settled on Delilah's, a soul-food place which advertises "everyday soul," because every other place was jam packed with visitors to Philadelphia's annual Flower Show. I would have preferred extraordinary soul, but settled for the best fried chicken I've had in a decade (and the only fried chicken I've had in half that time) and a weird, dry, version of macaroni and cheese that was a big disappointment. Still: the chicken rocked.

The next morning at 4:15 am, it was off to Austin, no help to Continental Airlines' baggage check-in at Newark Airport, who will be getting a formal complaint against one of their employees and her supervisor later this afternoon.

That ordeal over, I'm on the ground in Austin for a while, had some fine enchiladas last night, and will be tormenting my European readers with some food photos that should make them writhe with envy. Although I bet I could make a killer mac & cheese with some of that old Cantal and Laguiole one of my cheese guys at the market sells...


  1. new to your blog, enjoying the writing. I live near Philadelphia, so thanks for the photo of WHYY!

  2. Fried chicken and enchiladas! You are back home! I'm sighing with jealousy. I'll have to pop open one of my (very expensive) cans of Dr Pepper I hoard for homesick emergencies like these

  3. Glad Percy Sledge's complete Atlantic rec'ds. will be out. Not only for the aching ballads, but for some of his uptempo flips, like "Sugar Puddin' and "Heart Of A Child," which have been overlooked. Thanks.

    "Blues In The Evening"
    WPKN--Bridgeport, CT

  4. I've often wondered how you produce your wonderful Fresh Air pieces when you are in Montpellier. Does your kitchen really have such good acoustics?


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