Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Experiment

Anybody ever eat this?

Here's a little closer-up shot:

Cabbage flowers, picked up at the market yesterday. I'm going to cook these as tonight's vegetable side, steamed, and then dressed with olive oil and lemon-juice, as suggested by the nice lady I bought them from. Expensive: €3 for this small bunch, which still ought to make a decent amount of vegetable if it doesn't lose too much water.

Wonder what they taste like?

* * *

And the answer is in:

Kind of dark and out of focus, but here's the cabbage flowers, chopped into one-inch segments, steamed, and dressed with olive oil and lemon, with some salt to bring out the flavor. As you might expect, they tasted a bit like broccoli, that same kind of bitterness with an undercurrent of sweet, and the texture was very nice, with fibrous stalks and smooth leaves. The tips, with the flowers, were sort of a cross between broccoli and asparagus. Very, very nice, and I'll do it again when/if I see more.


  1. I have never cooked or eaten cabbage flowers and will be interested in hearing about them. I can't imagine they won't be terrific, but I am surprised at the high price. Curtis Roberts

  2. I'm pleased to learn about this and inquire about the possible availability of cabbage flowers at our best local farm stand, Pete's Produce in Westtown, Pennsylvania. Trying flowers is always interesting and surprising. I can't recall ever being disappointed, but I'm recalling less and less efficiently these days. (Stress.) Curtis Roberts


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