Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spot The Exotic Item

Just got back from the market, unpacked my stuff, and thought it looked good enough to shoot, so I did.

There was also a huge bag of salad greens I couldn't figure out how to add to the composition (such as it is).

But one of these items is a seldom-seen one, one I frequently do without because it's simply not available, although it should be. Right, the green onions. Apparently not used much in French cuisine, although I use them in salads and Chinese cooking, and, tomorrow, scrambled eggs with green onions, potatoes, and salami, Duke's at the Tropicana style. You can buy grass-thin green onions at the Asia store most of the time, but they're expensive.

The strawberries (Cléry variety, I believe, the early-ripening ones from around here) are getting cheaper, as is thin asparagus (the way I like it), which usually weighs in at €2 for a 500g bundle. And the peas will probably wind up, some of them, in paglia e fieno, that ham-and-peas cream pasta sauce, although I can't be bothered to buy green and white tagliatelle so that it looks right.

One way you can tell it's spring: everything in the picture is green. In a month, the palette should be more variegated. As should the palate!

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